One To One Yoga Session

Personal Yoga Instruction is a wonderful way to find your feet in Your own personal yoga practice, and give you the knowledge necessary to ensure that you practice with Your body in mind in Your own practice – whether in a class or home environment.

Individual One to One Yoga Sessions are designed for You personally, taking into account your personal situation, life stage, and your aims and reasons for personal instruction.

Whether you wish to deepen your practice or find your new path of yoga. A One to One Yoga Session can provide you with the awareness you need to practice yoga with safety and integrity for your body.

One to One Yoga Sessions with Lisa are designed to guide you on Your Yoga Path, and remind you of Your inner light that always shines within.

Lisa, founder of LC Yoga, Provides Personal Professional Yoga Instruction, by Fully Insured and Qualified Yoga Instructors from the British Wheel of Yoga.