Why Retreat?

A Retreat – is just exactly that – a way to Re-Treat yourself.

You know that you work way too hard, take on way too much, and don’t give yourself enough time – right? Well on a Yoga Retreat with Lisa you will find that everything is taken care of, you simply turn up, relax and go with the schedule of events – or simply take refuge in your own company and completely relax – with no mobiles phones, no internet, no constant calling of your name, no work bothering you or anyone demanding your time – on retreat with Lisa and LC Yoga You Get the Time to You, that You Deserve.

A retreat is also a wonderful way of developing your yoga practice, whether a complete beginner or older hand at yoga, your practice will bloom when given dedicated time. Asanas (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing Exercises), Shavasana (Relaxation), Meditation – all benefit from Time.

The Time Is Now – on retreat you are encouraged to enjoy each moment, savour each breath, and live for each second.

Give Yourself the Time You Deserve – Take a Moment To Yourself NOW – Re-Treat your Life with just a few Deep Breaths!!